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Your bridgehead to the European media and retailers - and beyond


Access to the European market is complicated, as Europe with about forty countries, many languages and different mentalities is only understandable with professional inside knowledge and experience.

EuroComms European Communication Consultants is the ideal supporter for companies in need of expertise in marketing communication, brand building and corporate communications- on a global level.

Peter Weber, founder and owner of EuroComms, is one of the very seldom specialists who have not only an extreme network with all relevant media, manufacturers and industry associations in all of Europe, in Asia and the Americas, he has a proven track record over more than 30 years and an impeccable reputation as a trustworthy reliable source of information.

Working with EuroComms is the guarantee for profound advice, professional approach and extensive media coverage which otherwise has to be substituted with enormous spending in advertisement, without the much higher impact of editorial coverage.